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M is for Monsanto, M is for Malicious and Malevolent

Bruno, Saskatchewan:
A town where farmers make their peace with nature

Percy Schmeiser planted here,
using the purest spirits as guidance
to plant his seeds and breath
the soil that gives us all commonality and stability.

Here his seeds grew,
stretched in the sweat from decades of dirt and plight,
resting with the strength of stars that
calmed them in the daunting night.

For decades they whistled at him until
the silent slit of night;
it let him know
they appreciated all he'd done,
and if that wasn't enough
to make him smile the whole way home,
they'd bow to him as his shadow
disappeared under the bending red horizons
then posing for him
in the pictures frames of grated kitchen windows
so he could watch them play til' dawn.

There was something magical about this yellow haven:
The camaraderie.
The commitment.
The circadian calms,
almost as golden as a Mayan throne.
The reflection like lightening in the sky;
it was connections to magnetic lines,
the spinning mo…