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Minus Eastern Standard Time

Pacific time eagerly chasing me;
old westerly ways battling barefoot,
a stand-still eastern jive.
So, here's to unconvincing June gloom,
creeping chilly night fog,
and all of its electrical line tunes -
the Santa Anna winds on
empty Canerry Row streets,
smells of ocean and sounds of seals,
all the promises I forget I made.

I still miss foggy nights and a chilled-red face,
but I can't stop this traveling;
I'm overly anxious,
in an easterly way.

Separating Backgrounds

-Not to sound trite... 
But I miss you.
It has been like three life times
and another summer is passing,
another life being written,
in-between mountains and city buildings.

The Moon, My Balance

Through the vicissitudes, I go onward from here,
full-bright-moon-night tugging at smiling ebbs of life:
Yes, I must be fine.