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Jim from Jersey, I Hope the Falls Were Great; I Hope You're OK

We departed dark basement gate 16 to Syracuse
from the mess of New York's port authority terminal.
All was silent as,
everyone was OK with
letting loquacious Jersey traffic do the talking for awhile.

as we bumped and raged along, showing
no mercy for potholes or lane-changing-horns,
mouths began to move, and short
words began to form. The sun

was just scattered modes of light
on the tired PA trees, when
Jim from Jersey, sitting slightly behind
and across the isle, began to talk to me.

We quickly agreed that the Mayans
were masters of the stars, kings
of celestial bodies, resting
in astronomical intricacies.

We agreed that they weren't profits;
and it was just by some sick twist of fate
that the world is ending so close
to such an infamous, arbitrary date.

We agreed that life is crude
and that, if we could,
we'd make god
fuck the asshole of the moon.

And as the bus filled up with chatter,
and weary sleepers waking up,
we hit a dubious bump in the road
that sent th…

A Damning Calm (Nature's Rendition)

Harking laughter and tiny voices across the street
fill the air;
as carefree free as they are,
tomorrow isn't even a pebbled thought away.
Here, there's only a slinking string of time
and space, with crickets
fighting for the darkest deva sound; it's
in-betweens it all that there's a great...
pause - the leaves
forced upside down, the grasses
to be part of wilted vindication,
and all the birds coming back from the edge of dangerous
sleep deprivation. Yet one noise,
transcends it all: a hissing, damning calm,
saying: "It really shouldn't be that long now."