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You Can't Write in the Stars

We never should've hung pictures up
like stars of hope on lonely closet doors
like two galaxies spinning around
farther and farther out
forever lost in the disjointed space we've become

From the Failure Plane

My mind is strapped in
a spiderwebbed straight jacket
spun cunningly by
the night sky’s gossamer factories
of vexing thoughts and indecision,
like beckoning black holes of space
my aura has been etched with the
continual failing signs of darkening midnight blue:
this, my life,
many colliding mistakes;
so, like the ever expanding universe,
at some point I must stop,
let the imposing forces of the implicate order slow me down;
shrink and collapse, let
my life explode,
into another ontological world.

Ceremonious Soaring

We'll climb up,
past these rooftops
and listen to the world scream at us from below;
we'll go on and on and on,
past the haughty highways
and meadows turned to gold,
above the forested hilltops
and sky-high canopy of dreams,
crooning with birds:
an owl's lulling cry,
along with a solemn goodnight,
as we forever sleep above the deep safety of the wolves