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The Way Home

There's a warmth in this cold,
anticipation ringing clear,
our future glistening on tips of melting buds:
a rustling urgency,
a fanning love;
and beneath it all there's you:
your heart wildly beating in candace with mine,
drumming the vibrations of all I see,
driving the motions for all I do:
Nothing ever been this clear before,
so ripe ready and restless:
We're bursting with the linear nature of time;
It's not long until you'll be infinitely mine.

Now is Soon Now

The cold wind howls:
Eventually I'll take you with me -
not part by part,
but completely.The dry air slowly creeping:
My heart is dying to sweep you away -
not into my life,
but into the openness of love.It's the sounds of dissolution:
It's not you or me:
patience is embracing trustful freedom -
the lion and the Tigress becoming one.Where the shadows once lurked there's a bright Sun:
You're my home,
the other half of my soul;
we've been dancing all along,
hearts intertwined with un-abandoned love.and where the moon used to hide there's an un-clouding sky:
Finally come home:
It's not really two worlds but one;
you're already here
together we'll just fall,
purely open,
definitely certain of this journey,
purely perfected in our love.