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It's hard to know when to leave
when to break free from the sensualizing ropes that pull us so close we never want to let go
like demigods, our glistening blindfolds of pleasure have been set up
lost in the space that blurs the lines of where we really are
and how expansive this has all become
the blissful opening of heart chakras that will never come undone
together we'll stand strong
find a place in between the smiling sun and winking comforts of the tempting stars
it's all just borrowed time
and when we realize it's the thread of who we really are,
we'll walk that fine line guided only by our hearts, certain our love will evolve

A Warm Night That Lasts Forever Inside Us

And I'll drift in
like faint fires of eternity burning in us for so long
like an alluring primordial glow
like karmic winds igniting an ever expansive romance we've always known
There my eyes will shimmer inside yours
And look back out with a new intrepid hope
we'll re-explore the depths of each other, embraced by the scared depths of the world
I'll be there by the pond reflecting the willow tree
The wordless rock of reason
Emboldened by your enchanting charms

I See You

All of a sudden
I see you
in abstracted peripherals of my future,
a strange prescriptive growing from these alluring wonderings:
whatever it is,
we've always been it,
anchored in each other's arms,
singing scared notes of our past lives;
It's so comforting to find you here -
A magnetized spiral attraction where we'll always be.