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Wegmans' Brand

The past is simply, 
the past. Although,
it may turnover several times, it's 
all part of letting our deltas settle,

a soothing recognition for 
sapient death - the 
soft-power we've become:
part of building a monumental ceasefire among 
loaded toes that daftly spark,
barefoot atop the graves.

It's not....forgotten, yet
sorry-lipped to make us sane,
more patience as 
the stains melt away. 

It still makes me crave things:
you, those times - longing... 
for patchwork within a cup of tea,
to twirl our past in steam; a deep
and solicit a summer,
in our hideaways,
far from teeth
in the clenching jaws of York,
sipping to the gods of what's to come
and finally,
tear the drafty ductwork out.

I haven't had black tea, 
microwaved. warm. the 
sugared splash of milk
- the loyal type -
in quite some time:

I hope to see you soon.

-Nathaniel T. Hughes, December 2008