The Moser-Koska Loop: A Spiritual Metaphor

There's mystic trees in these backyards,
flagstone walls falling down
 - page markers,
              and doctrinal proposals
to lone farm wheels,
its bygones,
rusty allegiances and a separate-time's
debilitation - the
                      barbed-wire traps,
   the             dividing             lines
as a unitedly old, wild cherry 
incessantly over-turns
names and carvings;
- a place where we might have met and
            retreated from, oh
                it was so many kalpas ago.
yet if you would
          o n l y
      drift back...
     I might ask:
Sit with me?     F e e l
the trees' wind flowing through
           our soles
                  just being;
It would take us back above
falling away:
finding each other in infinities
                                                        b e y o n d beginnings.

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