Heart vs. Intuition

There's illusion in all we do
unintended expectations
a biting pretext of a future trying to be more clear:
I can not see you there,
and that's okay;
abstracted notions of love are something we'll keep leaving behind
and the more unclear it becomes,
the more we embrace a predetermined context that will hold us dearly close -
two slices of eternity merging at the crossroads of infinite love;
And we're getting closer to that point,
a point that carries on
a point that births the rest of time
And I'll let you go
Over and over until
we're finally at that point of truly unconditioned love


I'm uprooting you from my mind,
all those mistaken connections found in your arms
all those frenzied romantic moments dulled by the wayside
the magic of a transcended intimacy
a chemical sensation of timeless love
a kind of trap
a kind of blind
to empty holes and guarded lies
and some of the roots go so deep,
I'm still yanking at the mistaken notions,
distilling nostalgic memories into tonic concoctions numbing all sensory
and shot by shot I'm sinking down into a grounded distant shell
no more yanking
no taste of the maddening destruction of a love that had gone so well.
Still I'm not going to say it's over
because nothing ever really is
But with this broken feeling
the future is always there behind us,
wide     o p e n    for us to fall deeply into.

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